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by m101

Chapter 0x02

The move was uneventful, Morbids parents spent the time argueing where everything should go, and left him to sort out his room. His new room wasnt much larger than his old one, but the conveniently large window was some relief to his old single foot wide slate of fixed glass which hardly resembled a window in his old room. Two desks fitted nicely in an elbow shape with the larger of the two desks under the window. Morbid fitted his stereo next to his monitor and placed each of his four speaker box's, one in each corner. He quickly assembled his server box on the smaller desk and surrounded it with various tools and screws. The bed was placed so that his wardrobe was hiding its position from the door. Morbid unpacked his guitar and set up his amp next to his bed and placed his PDA, wallet, mobile phone and alarm clock on the night stand.

The next day, since Morbid didnt have to go to school for a week due to the transfer, he went out to scope the area. Each block of houses in the area had an alleyway through the center, and a pillar on each corner. A rather ugly tower was in the middle of the local park, surrounded by barbed wire fencing. The base of the structure was plain concrete, but at closer inspection had a pit below it. At the top of the pillar was a few yagi's and various antenna's to transmit what appeared to be mobile phone signals. Morbid pulled his phone out of his pocket and gazed at it. The signal was at 100% so he guessed it was as he presumed. He placed the phone back in his pocket and started to spiral the pillar. On one side of the pillar was the familar metallic crescent he had seen so many times before. Next to it was a caged ladder probably for service work to the antenna's. Morbid made note of this and continued his exploration of the area.

To get to his local school, he found he would have to cross through a railway underpass. The low life scum that hanged around there didnt seem of much interest so he looked for another way around. Approximately 900 metres down the road was a plain railway crossing. As he continued down the road he found the scenery change to a more industrial approach. The suburban area appeared to be adjacent to an industrial district. The warehouses around the area looked almost derelict as he continued along till he reached a highway. Straight across the road was the local electronics shop and further down was the Police station, and next to it a large compound adorned yet again by the cresent. In his old town the local exchange was small, and not really apparent. This one reaked of money as it had a satellite dish on the roof and two antennas joined by a large steel pole in what appeared to be what is called a beam. The encasing below the beam looked like it would allow it to rotate and pickup radio waves according to their position.

Morbids stomach grumbled and turned over a few times. After a bit of walking and investigation, Morbid found the local shopping center. A quick look at the shop list revealed three phone shops, one electronics shop and an unbelievable ammount of hair dressers and clothes shops. Morbid shuddered and headed for the food court. The choice of food was pretty good, except for the lack of a curry houses and only one chinese place. Morbid grabbed a kebab and headed out the back of the shoping center. Outside he found a large concrete overpass across the street. From the center he could make out the Police station and the exchange. Across the road was a large appliance retailer, the kind that sells all the common types of furniature, computers, stereos and tv's at a way too overpriced charge. The store was devided into three sections, the computer section, furniature section and video/hi fi. Each section was protected by scanners at each entrance, and three main roller doors to enter the building. Inside the computer section there was a wide array of overpriced software, computers and laptops. Four cameras protected the entrance and a number more were positioned on the roof around the stoor. Six motion detectors covered every 20 metres.

Morbid walked over to one of the laptops and had a look at it, immediately a man came over and asked him not to play with the expensive murchendise. Morbid didnt say anything, just got up and walked around the shop until he found a 'try before you buy' internet stand. There were three computers setup and a kid was already using one so Morbid presumed theres no harm in checking it out. The platform was that of hideous windows, the big shiny buttons did nothing but annoy the sensitive eyes of Morbid. At closer inspection, the internet connection was not running through a proxy as one would presume, but each computer had its own dialup connection. Start > Run > regedit There appeared to be no restrictions in place so Morbid scanned the registry for anything of insight of how the box was setup. Nothing out of the ordinary. With a slight grin on his face, Morbid launched a browser and retrieved a password recovery tool off the net. 15% 38% 61% 92% 100% *click* Morbid took down what information he needed and emailed it to an external email account and saved it into his phone. He then cleared the logs and walked over to the other spare computer and found to his surprise it to was running off the same account. Morbid's grin widened as he left the shop.


Cleft lifted his head from the phone booth and took another look around. An old guy was walking past with his dog. It was bounding around like a little child, pissing on the phone booth Cleft was in and returning to its owners side. Cleft gave the old guy a cold stare and returned to his call.

"There is - one - message - in your mail box, please press - five - to retrieve it"


"Phantom Spike here, bring the goods to the next meet and well do a trade"

*beep* *beep* *beep* "End of messages"

Cleft hung up the phone and stepped outside the booth. The PDA's he had stolen from the exchange were worth alot of money to some people. The allowed the user to interface with the sub exchange systems and alter routes electronicly. The act of phone tapping the neighbour becomes child play and, along with that, gives power over blackmail. Cleft didnt really care much for their use, his plan was to trade them in tern for other goods of more use to his needs at the time. The best offer he had recieved was a top of the range laptop, lock gun and a standalone SIM card duplicator, everything Cleft was after.

The man walking his dog stepped around the street corner out of sight. Cleft walked down the street and headed for the local Cyber Cafe.


As usual Morbid was as bored as hell. The irc channel he was sitting in was full of lamer morons, their sole purpose to be idiots. It was one of those channels where you have someone come in every twenty minutes asking how to get into someones email account. Morbid sighed as another one entered the room.

*** Shimnobtn has joined #Hacking
<Shimnobtn> hey ppl
<Shimnobtn> can someone help me with a problem?
<ajax> spit it out Shimnobtn
<Shimnobtn> can someone tell me how to get into this girls hotmail account?
<Morbid> geez Shimnobtn, your only the eightieth person today to ask that
<Morbid> the first thing you gotta do is attach your crusty underwear to a washing line
<Morbid> and spin it arround for half an hour until a magical vortex is openned
<Morbid> leading into the microstuft server room
<Shimnobtn> errr what? please help me, i really need to do this
<Morbid> do you have any idea whats in most girls email box's?
<Morbid> half the time its just full of poetry and old love letters and shit

At that point Morbid decided to watch a movie and let everyone else deal with this one.


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