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by m101

Chapter 0x03

As school approached the level of Morbid's boredom with the new area started to increase. He sat in his room slouching on his bed, feet up watching the continuous droning voice of the news reporter coming from public television. In the background his computers hummed and the red hard drive light occasionally lit up. A numbness came over him as the reporter started to repeat herself. *knock* *knock*

"Shane, were going now"

Morbid grunted a recognition and considered his options as his parents pulled out of the driveway. For reasons totally unapparent to morbid his parents had stopped him from transporting his Satellite dish from his old place to the new one, stopping him from hooking up his decoder. After a slight stretch of his back, he stood up and walked out to the kitchen to find the street map. After a few minutes of searching he found it wedged under an unopenned box.

A few minutes later Morbid emerged from his front door in the cool night and walked over to the garage. He pulled out a hacksaw, large screwdriver, shifter and a pair of demolition pliers. Morbid hid the tools in the various large pockets of his jacket and pants then walked out to the street.

9:12, Not the best time for this kind of business Morbid thought. Shrugging he made his way towards his destination following the direction he got from the street map earlier.

The night air was calm and cool. The street lights illuminated his path as he made his way past the railway station. He acheived a few odd stairs from the resident bums of the area. Morbid approached a semi large building with a few large antenna's adorning the roof. A slow circle of the bulding showed it was a single story building with a high ceiling. Dark brown bricks made up most of the structure. Various diferent plant life grew at the corners creaping up the sides. The well manicurred lawns showed the building showed it could only be government.

On Morbid's second circle he found what he was after, a caged ladder ran up the side of the building to provide roof access for workers to fix the airconditioning. The bottom of the cage was closed and padlocked, it was also just outside of Morbid's reach. He grabbed himself one of the large green bins used by the occupants and pushed it below the ladder. He then used it to lift himself up to grab the outside of the cage and pulled himself up. The cold chill of the metal shot into his veins and nullified the warmth of his jacket, causing him to hurry his ascent up the cage. Now on the roof he surveyed his surroundings. A foot high ledge surrounded the roof which was a cast iron design. The roof sloped upwards slightly which led to a large white airconditioning unit, behind which was a large mast with various antenna's pointed in diferent directions. At the base of the mast was a metre wide satellite dish.

Morbid walked over and examined the mounting of the dish. Finding four large bolts he pulled out his shifter and started to undo them, however the last appeared to be rusted in place and wouldnt budge. After a few seconds of using his foot to try to force it, he pulled out his hacksaw and started to cut off the bolt. Minutes later the dish was free of its holding.

Morbid wrapped his arm around a section of the mounting on the dish and made his way back to the ladder and then with a large ammount of effort awkwardly carried the dish to the bottom along the outside of the cage without dropping it.

As he hit the ground Morbid noticed a flash of light hit a tree near the corner of the buidling and heard the stop of car brakes. In response Morbid kicked dropped the dish in a pile of rubbish and jumped into the green bin, closing the lid after him. A bite of a strong rotten smell peirced his nose as he crouching at the top of the bin waiting. A dim light peered through the lid of the bin as footsteps halted a few metres away, and then proceeded to continue walking around the building. A minute later a car door slammed and the car drove off.

In a gasp of air Morbid sprung out of the dirty bin and onto the grass. In second consideration Morbid decided that it would be better if he didnt carry the dish home right away, so he looked around for a place to stash it till he could 'borrow' his parents car. The result was a storm drain just outside the permiter of the building. He stashed the dish just inside the drain and started on his way home.

About half way back he made his way past his school to be. The stench of the rubbish bin and his thirst drove him to desire to see if he could find a drink fountain in the grounds. So unlike your average bum, he pulled his demolition pliers and cut his way through the wire fence, saving him the effort of jumping.

The school itself appeared to be quite new, still having quite large ammounts of living shrubbery around the buildings. A small quadrangle sat in the middle of the schoool dividing it. Morbid's search for a fountain led him to a place near a building which appeared to be the administration. He proceeded to clean himself a small ammount and grab a drink. About two metres away from the fountain he noticed a door reading 'Electrical'.

As always interest got the better of him so he walked over and peered at the lock. Morbid followed this by pulling out his screw driver and jamming it between the door frame and the door itself. Then with a mild force he pulled on the screwdriver. The door pulled slightly out and squeeked a little, but didnt budge. So he then applied a harder force and the door started to tear, the deadbolt pulling away from the wooden door. *crack* The door was open.

Below the fuse box inside were several rj 11 phone jacks, however absent of much knowledge of the phone system he discarded his find and made his way to the other side of the school. Just before he got to the gate a row of large metal lockers adorned a wall. Interest yet again got the better of him, so he walked over and had a look at the cheap locks on the lockers. Picking the cheapeast looking one he pushed his screwdriver through the shackle of the padlock and began to twist. The shear length of the screwdriver provided ample leverage. *snap* With very little force the shackle twisted and broke straight off. Morbid threw the now useless lock on the ground and open up the locker. Nothing but books.

Not to be discouraged Morbid continued to go to the next locker and busted it open. A short time later all of the locks were busted and he looked at his spoils. Two mobiles and eight graphics calculators. He discarded the sim cards and made his way out of the school.

The rest of the trip home was quite uneventful.

When Morbid arrived home he found his parent still werent home, so he grabbed the keys to his dad's ute and went to pickup his satellite dish.

That nights actions quenched his feeling of boredom for the remainer of time before school, and his new addition of free Pay TV added to his delight.

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