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Training session 2: Directory Traversal
Difficulty: Extremely Easy
Learn how it is possible to 'Directory Surf'
Creator: m101

Now you ask what is Directory Traversal, or better known as Directory Surfing. Directory Surfing is the act of looking for directories that do not have a default index page, so they display the directory structure instead.

First thing to do here is to find the secret page found in this directory, then find the secret directory. Firstly look at the the url of this page http://www.fatetek.net/lessons/lesson2.html

This tells us the following:

Protocol http://
Server: www.fatetek.net
Current Directory: /lessons/
File: lesson2.html

So to check this current directory we would simply remove the file out of the url leaving us with http://www.fatetek.net/lessons/

If you do this you will find what files are in the current directory, this can sometimes be useful for finding parts of a webpage that arent normally available to the public. Now Directory Surf the current directory and find the continuation of the current lesson


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