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Training session 5: Stealing ISP Accounts
Difficulty: Easy
Learn how ISP accounts can be stolen
Creator: m101

Why would you want a stolen ISP account you ask?? Well there are two main reasons, you are too poor to afford the local phone companies bull shit prices or you need an easier and faster platform to hack from than five proxies and three wingates, well here is your answer. Remember there is no point in going out and hacking your local ISP to get an account, the easier the better is my suggestion.

Now firstly you may be reading this at school or from somewhere and you dont have access at home so now i will show you some of the method's i have used to gain accounts. One of the most simple method's is to go to a local shop and find a computer on dialup access, then simply run a password snatcher on it such as WASP and then emailing all the information outside where you can proccess it, this method is relatively simple and if you get caught they just chuck you out of the store. These accounts are normally only good for night access, we want 24/7 access. One method i have found works is ringing up the local ISP and asking to purchase an account, say you are in a rush but make sure you dont sound fake, they normally say "here is your internet username and password, we will send out the information for you to send back blah blah blah..." now ofcourse you have to make sure you call without Caller ID active, if you live in australia just prefix your number with 1831. This method can be rather annoying and normally doesnt work, but it is worth a try and the account normally last's for a few weeks. My favourite method is one of great effort but also great reward, find a local computer store that is overpriced and offers all that extended warranty crap, now get yourself a shit and screen print their logo on it, now get a list of people who purchase computers from there, or just follow people home. Now that we have five or six people who are stupid enough to pay 600% of the price for a computer than they should, go around there houses and pose as a computer repair guy sent out from the store, say something like, this is part of the extended life warranty you purchased with your computer, we are just performing a regular checkup as we have had a few problems with your model of computer. nine times out of ten they will let you straight through the door without even asking any questions to do with abacus, just the mere thought of their overpriced piece of crap not working makes them do whatever you want, now when you are in just run a program through there computer and snatch there internet accounts, it doesnt matter who they are for, just the we will get more later with these ones. Make sure you stay for an hour or so and run scandisk and defrag to make it look real. Now unless you are really stupid you should have around five or six internet accounts.

Now when you dial up to them make sure you turn of Caller ID, this is what stop's you from being pinned straight away, check the person's email and remove any multiple logging reports and make sure you change internet accounts ATLEAST once a week and never use the old one again, give it to some lamer over the net and let them get in trouble for your hack's. You should be on the net by now, but to change accounts once a week we really need more accounts, i hate to say it but the easiest way to get more accounts in by using winblows, so fire up winblows and ignore all the illegal operation crap and download the following program's:

Legion - Open Share Scanner
Sub 7 Defcon edition
Sub 7 2.2

Now open up mIRC and go to a local area's channel, /whois a few people until you find the isp you like.

Infinity is freestyler@12-237-182-191.client.attbi.com * BoMFunk Mc'S

So we have made our choice, attbi.com reveal ATT&T, now do a /dns on 12-237-182-191.client.attbi.com as this is his host.

*** Resolved 12-237-182-191.client.attbi.com to

Now convert this into a class B network and we have, this is our target, open up Sub 7 2.2 and goto Connection > Scanner > Local Scanner. Put the Start ip as and the end ip as, then click scan. This will take quite a while, now when you get a result open up Sub 7 Defcon and put it in the field up the top and click connect. If you get asked for a password then dont bother with this IP, but if it comes up with connected at the bottom we are in business. First thing you should do is goto Advanced > Passwords > Retrieve RAS Passwords, this is there internet username and password aswell as phone number, make sure you get you local phone number from the ISP's site. Next goto Connection > Server Options and set a password, we dont want other people getting on the net while we are hacking and kicking us off. Turn on IP Notify aswell so that you can get this server to do remote scan's for you if needed, ISP's sometimes check for people who scan and bust their ass.

To anyone who says using Sub 7 is a lame way to get accounts, i agree but i would rather this way than hacking my local ISP and getting put in jail before i even get to my target. You ask why you use Sub 7 2.2 just for scanning?? well its a better scanner than Defcon, but it doesnt allow IRC bot's or IP Notify.

The Next way to gain accounts is to find open shares and upload a trojan so when they next get on the net you are suplied with their account details. To do this open up legion scanner and do a scan of the same range as you did with sub 7, expect do it in small ammounts like -,when it comes up with a result go into my computer and change the address to \\ and then the ip, so for example \\ then wait for it to load, you might get asked for a password, if so ignore this ip and continue scanning, if you dont get a password, have a look at the names, look for the C drive if it is there and go into it, then go into windows > start menu > programs > startup, and paste a trojan server in here, make sure it doesnt come up with a prompt and that it will notify you when they get on the net next. All you have to do now is wait, within a few day's you should be able to get atleast 20-30 accounts, if not around 50. This should last for a long time and you can do anything you want with them. Just remember to disable Caller ID and to change accoutns every week atleast.

DO NOT fuck with the person you get the account from, keep your stealth and dont advertise the fact you dont pay for internet, or the fact you hack from other peoples accounts.


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